Eastern Treads into Franchisee Operations

Eastern Treads Ltd; have come with two model retread plants in two major metro cities which they call them as Process Evaluation centers to showcase in –house demonstrations of product application and quality, creating brand image etc.

For this PEC’S special compound called “INFINITY ZONE “for tread rubber, bonding gum and BVC has been developed which eastern considers to be world class in respect to Quality, Aesthetic looks of treads and improved packaging etc.

The same compound is being marketed through our new distribution channel so called franchisee operation which is growing at a faster pace with good numbers of reputed retreaders converting to Eastern Tread Brand.

EASTERN TREAD franchisee enjoys enormous benefits from the company when get associated and who ever got associated with EASTERN TREADS wonder why eastern came so late with franchisee concept because they feel what true franchisee means which no franchising company related to retreading Industry can match in the country.

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