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Eastern Treads Limited was founded by Mr. (Late) M.E.Meeran on the initiative taken by his son Mr.Navas Meeran who through hard work, determination and professional approach helped Group Meeran scale newer heights.


It was the keenness of Mr.Navas Meeran that helped him identify the deficit in the supply of tread rubber and other materials which eventually led to the formation of Eastern Treads.The Company was incorporated on July 2, 1993 as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956 and it was later converted into a public limited company on February 17, 1995. Eastern Treads went for public issue later in October 1995 – a few months before it commenced its commercial production.

Over the years, the Company developed a vast marketing network comprising dealers and depot making its products available along the length and breadth of the country. In recognition of the excellent performance on productivity in the field of manufacturing tyre-retreading materials, the Company had received FACT MKK Memorial Award for the year 2002-03. Besides, the Company also received quality certifications and accreditations including ISO 9001-2008. In effect, Eastern Treads had a chartered growth path since its inception.


Eastern Treads is managed by Mr Navas Meeran and also The Kerala State Industrial Corporation Limited (KSIDC). KSIDC holds 11% of the company shares and has nominated its director in the Board of Eastern Treads. The Company is technically qualified to receive bids conducted by various State Road Transport Corporations.


Eastern Treads constant effort to determine trends in consumer demand for tread material, led to the launch of the new Diamond Quality Tyre Re-treads. Diamond Quality Tyre Re-treads offers better mileage on diverse road conditions. The Company is optimistic about the new offering and believes that it will give them a competitive edge in the coming years. Eastern Treads is climbing the ladder towards bigger successes with greater focus by enhancing their operational efficiency, which makes sure that the company does well despite volatile market conditions. The financial year 2012-13 was one such period.

The hardworking and optimistic MrNavasMeeran, was instrumental in Eastern’s path-breaking alliance with the global giant McCormick in 2010. He also received the Kamal Patra Award in the year 1994, which is instituted by the Indian Junior Chamber to recognize and honour outstanding young entrepreneurs.


Re-treaded tyres have a great future since the price of new tyres is going over the roof. Also today’s re-treading technology ensures that these tyres have the strength and durability of a new tyre, at a lesser cost. Besides, the improved road conditions also now make it possible to go in for multiple re-treads.


This sector is opening up newer and exciting growth opportunities for Eastern Treads.Also being an eco-friendly product, re-treading as an alternative to buying new tyres is bound to get wider acceptance in the days to come with more countries following the ‘Go-Green’ Policy pursued by the European Union. So, Eastern Treads is open to embracing new ideas in tune with the changing trends and market realities on its way to becoming a leading global player.


We are always keen on maintaining quality and productivity and is totally committed to quality management. The products are tested at every stage of manufacturing to ensure that the very best is made available to the market that meets the exact customer requirement. The Company’s policy of best manufacturing practices has been bestowed with various quality certifications and accreditations to its credit.

To cater for the different needs of the market our research and development team is committed to understand the customer demands and to develop products that make value and satisfaction to the customers. This made the Company to keep its competitive edge in the market by producing products which can provide superior performance, safety, and comfort, under different and extreme road conditions. In addition to give high quality products we provide after sale services and expert technological assistance aiming to serve complete service to our customers.

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